Dave Luxton is an Olympia, WA, based electronic musician, composer, guitarist, sound designer and music producer. He founded the Wayfarer Records label in 2007 which has released 22 albums to date. His albums and various remixes have received radio airplay across the US and beyond. His film score work has appeared in films at national film festivals and on PBS television.  Dave will be releasing his latest album, Collected Ambient Works, on October 30, 2012.

Dave Luxton of Wayfarer Records

His production studio is a perfect tranquil setting for composing, recording, and producing music in the most natural sounding recording environment possible. Dave says, “My primary room is 16 X 18 ft in size and has a high cathedral ceiling.  The most important acoustic treatment that I made was the addition of GIK Tri-Traps corner bass traps. They have made my mixes sound much tighter and the stereo field appears more accurate. I have also added GIK 242 Acoustic Panels to the sides of my listening position and in the back of the room. I have all of the panels covered with Guilford of Maine Fabric for a nice professional finish. GIK Acoustics treatments really made the difference for my studio.”

Dave is a classically trained musician whose diverse musical creations span multiple genres to include guitar oriented compositions, cinematic soundscapes, Alternative Rock, and Electronica. As a recording artist, he is internationally known for his work in the ambient space music genre. His artistic vision is to produce innovative music that captures music’s power to evoke emotion and communicate the human experience.

“As the founder of Wayfarer Records, I’m often producing and audio mastering albums for artists on the label, including my own albums. I need a listening environment that accurately represents what is actually going to disk. I’m also a film composer, sound designer, and recording artist, and I need the most natural sounding recording environment that I can get.”

Discography (ambient music studio albums):

Singularity in Sound
Music From The Firmament
Dreams Ghosts and Parallel Universes
When the World Was Young
The Divided Line
Hidden Music