Room Acoustics Visualizer


Room Acoustics Visualizer

Our new Room Acoustics Visualizer allows you to create a 3D rendering of your room and place GIK Acoustics products inside.

Incorporating room treatments in a space is often daunting because treatments make a visual as well as aural impact on a room.

The Room Acoustics Visualizer uses both virtual reality and augmented reality which allows users to both walk through a digital environment and place digital objects in their own home. This easy-to-use advanced modeling technology takes the guess work out of placing treatments in a room.

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Choose a Room Plan

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Create Your Own

Start a room from scratch. Build your layout online and place GIK Acoustics products around the room!

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Control/Mixing/Mastering Room

The industry standard for the best mixing and mastering quality. Our control / mixing / mastering room plan is suggested for getting the flattest audio response possible.

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Live Room

Customize a large space for recording in a Live Room Plan. In this room we have set up large instruments and a space for vocal recording and the recommended acoustic treatments.

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2 Channel Listening Room

Use our 2-channel listening room plan to place our products around the space. See how we originally placed the panels, but you can make them look how you want!

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Home Theater Plan

Start with our home theater room plan and see our preferred set up to best tame bass frequencies while also diffusing high frequencies for maximizing that movie theater sound.

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Office/Conference Room

A conference room should be a place where echoes are absent. Use our suggested conference room plan to visualize your office space by placing our products around the acoustic space.

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Church Sanctuary

Freshen up the auditory experience in a church space for maximum speech clarity in our suggested church room plan.

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Iso Booth (Isolation Booth) Plan

This small space needs a lot of attention! Have a go at our Iso Booth room plan and design it how you like based off of our suggested room acoustics placement.



Change Measurements

Toggle between inches and centimeters.

Customize Walls

Not only can you define the width, height, and shape of the walls, you can also decide the color!

3D Visualization

See your room in 3D and walk through it as if you are there!

Share Your Plan

You can share your plan as long as you register within our app. It will ask you as you look to share the plan. It will not save your changes unless you are signed in.