Sound Blocks are a revolutionary concept in the GIK Acoustics product line, establishing a new benchmark in performance and flexibility for high-end audio rooms that need world-class performance.


Sound Block

Sound Block Bottom

 150,50 Excl. VAT

Sound Block

Sound Block Middle

 160,50 Excl. VAT

Sound Block

Sound Block Top

 150,50 Excl. VAT
 135,50 Excl. VAT

Available Patterns

Available Plates

The Sound Block concept is modular

Each Block is 60cm x 60cm x 25cm deep. They can be mounted on the wall like normal acoustic panels, or they can be interlocked together with rails to make large, freestanding arrays to precisely fit your space as a false wall. Because they are so thick, these are powerhouse broadband bass traps with great performance still active below 50Hz, in all configurations.

But the world-class performance and flexibility comes with the midrange/treble response options available for each Sound Block: full absorption, range limited bass trapping, Alpha diffusion plates, and the visually-oriented Impression plates. Each Sound Block can be individually configured within the array for optimal midrange and treble balance. As always, our design team is ready to help you map out these configurations to optimize performance for your specific needs.

In addition to the front face versatility for optimizing both performance and aesthetics, we also have options to finish the rear of each soundblock. Particularly useful in freestanding false wall applications, you can choose to install the same veneer plates we use in the Alpha and Impression panels, but uncut for a consistent, decorative rear face.

Possible applications

The most immediate application is for high end audio rooms, both for recording/mixing/mastering and for audiophile listening rooms and high end theaters. Great bass response is a space/aesthetics commitment, in that you need a lot of thick panels in the room. Sound Blocks allow you to line the entire perimeter of the room with very effective, flexible treatments giving the power and flexibility of built-in treatments behind false walls, but in a proven, modular system that can be easily shipped and assembled on site.

Another application might be in large, open concept theaters or listening rooms. A Sound Block Array placed near the listeners & speakers can create both visual and acoustic separation for the listening area.

How a Sound Block Array works

Each Sound Block is 60cm square. Arrays are made with 3 slight variations in the product to accommodate the interlocking capacity of the array. Each array has a “bottom” row, designed to be on the ground, with a few options to determine its freestanding characteristics, and rails on the top to connect the next Sound Block. There will be a “top” row on each array as well, with each Sound Block having rails on the bottom to connect to Sound Blocks underneath it. If you just use those 2 styles, your array will be 120cm tall.

You can also use “middle” pieces between the “top” and the “bottom”, for arrays that are 180cm (one “middle” piece) or 240cm (two middle pieces) tall.