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The Razor 25mm Acoustic Panel (NEW)

Starting at 43 € excl. VAT

The Razor 1″ Acoustic panel is a slim excellent option for environments such as offices, restaurants, churches, and schools for controlling ambient noise. Our Razor panels are designed to solve a variety of issues: mainly to control noise, eliminate slap echo and control comb filtering in a room.

Shape none
Core none
Fabric none
Inloom Bondai 170 Fabric Upgrade none
Fabric Camira Cara Upgrade none
Fabric Camira Lucia Upgrade none
Edge none

Disclaimer: Colour samples are digital representations and do not reflect texture or exact colours. GIK recommends requesting fabric samples from Camira before ordering upgrade fabrics.

Size Price per Panel Panels per Box Price per Box Exc VAT Price per Box Inc VAT
600mm x 1200mm 65,00€ 4 260,00€ 312,00€
600mm x 600mm 43,00€ 6 258,00€ 309,60€
300mm x 1200mm 52,50€ 6 315,00€ 378,00€

Shipping Info

To provide our customers with the best possible value, this product is packaged in multiples. If you wish to order a different quantity, please contact us to determine shipping rates. Flat-Rate and Free Shipping options are available for EU customers.


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